finding myself

my first blog (ish, first serious blog) was called trying to find myself, all one word because I was SO cool. it was such a journey, teenage me had so many thoughts running around her head about who she felt she was, who she ought to be and who she really wanted to become. so, … Continue reading finding myself



I was born in a flawless country, one full of hope, sunshine and an awe-inspiring perseverance. I was born in a broken country, one with a painful recent history of colonisation and abuse of power I was born in a rich country, it boasts jewels and treasures that one can only imagine. I was born … Continue reading home

busy busy

to my detriment, I have always been one of those people who absolutely destroy their sleep, eating and social cycles in the name of a good grade. I obviously don't know what 'balance' is or should look like in my life because I just keep doing what I've been doing all year, all while being … Continue reading busy busy

April 2016

Every day, month and year I have lived since then has been an utter blessing. Even if it didn't feel that way in the moment. The months leading up to April 2016 were my hell, I spent every day wishing that it was my last and praying for the deep brokenness I felt to end. … Continue reading April 2016