moving time

I seem to be allergic to staying in one place for too long... after two lovely years studying in Wales, which despite the rain I've fallen more and more in love with, I am on the move again! on Sunday night, my housemate and I will be catching a flight to Sydney, Australia and staying … Continue reading moving time


how to: find a working cafe

with the beautiful autumn season comes the dreaded return to school/uni. As someone who has survived 2 years of uni and too many years of school (can I get a medal??) I realised there were some things I wish I'd known earlier because they would've made learning and revising a bit more fun! DISCLAIMER: I … Continue reading how to: find a working cafe

busy busy

to my detriment, I have always been one of those people who absolutely destroy their sleep, eating and social cycles in the name of a good grade. I obviously don't know what 'balance' is or should look like in my life because I just keep doing what I've been doing all year, all while being … Continue reading busy busy

new starts

this time next month, I'll be starting again. again. the reality of university hasn't really hit me yet if I'm honest. I am easily the most unprepared person to be going off to uni simply because I'm in denial about the whole process. but I am also a little bored of starting again. my whole … Continue reading new starts